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MQB Overview

Mapak Qasim Bulkers (Pvt.) Limited (MQB) is a Private Limited Company established under Pak-Malaysia Joint Venture between Westbury Group, Pakistan and consortium of Malaysian associates, FELDA. IOI Edible Oils and KL-Kepong, Malasia for establishment of Bulking Installation (Storage Terminal) at Port Qasim.


MQB is modern Bulking Installation/Storage Terminal providing services of handling and storage of Edible Oils, Non-Edible Oils and Molasses etc.  since March, 1995. The Terminal is cusom bonded licensed warehouse.


The facility built on about 7.5 acres of land in located in Edible Oils & Molasses Area at Port Qasim. The total storage capacity of MQB’s numerous Storage Tanks (ranging from 500 tons to 6,000 tons capacity) is about 120,000 tons of Edible Oils, which is the largest Edible Oils Terminal in the country.
MQB Terminal handles about 50% of the total imported Edible Oils cargoes discharged at Port Qasim per annum. MQB Terminal is equipped with latest facilities, equipment and machineries like steam boiler, Air Compressor, Modern Pigging System, Electronic and Computerized Weighbridges etc.

Other Salient Features of MQB Terminal are as Follows:-

  1. It is the only ISA-9001:2008 certified Edible Oil Storage Terminal at Port Qasim and believes in maintaining Quality Management System.
  2. The Installed modern Pigging System ensures to minimize product losses during its handling from the vessel and /or loading into the Tank Lorries.
  3. Storage Tanks are constructed according to internationally reputed API standards. Its foundations and constructed using German technology to provide stronger and reliable base for safety of tanks and their contents.
  4. Dedicated tanks are also available for exclusive utilization by the client.
  5. There are 33 Nos. Tank Lorries filling point, providing for efficient product loading to the extent of 600 M. Tons per hour.