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Sponsors Profile

The FELDA-WESTBURY partnership is playing a significant role in the handling of Vessels, storage and refining of edible oils in Pakistan particularly in the Port Qasim Area.


FELDA Land Development Authority is an autonomous Public Sector Body of Malaysia under the purview of Prime Minister’s Department. FELDA was formed 50 years ago with a policy to provide land to landless. FELDA always maintained the delicate balance between the interest of the state i.e. the Federal Authority and the setters. FELDA is the largest organization engaged in the plantation of Palm Oil, production of Crude Palm Oil through numerous Oil Mills and Refined Palm Oil, Oleo-chemical and other value-added products, through various Refineries owned and operated by FELDA, throughout Malaysia.


Westbury is one of the leading business houses of Pakistan in Industrial, Commercial and Financial Sector. The group is engaged in refining processing of Crude Edible Oils and have largest refinery of edible oil in Pakistan. The group has about Hundred Thousand Tones capacity to store Edible Oil, Molasses, Ethanol and other liquid products in collaboration with Malaysian refineries at Port Qasim and also have Tank Terminal at Karachi Port having capacity of about Eighty Thousand Metric Tons.


The first FELDA-WESTBURY joint Venture was established in 1995 having Tank Terminals to stock 100,000 tones edible oil (Mapak Qasim Bulkers Pvt. Limited) at Port Qasim. The second collaboration took the form of a modern edible oil refinery (Mapak Edible Oil Refinery Pvt. Limited) near the storage terminals. The most recent alliance gave Port Qasim a dedicated Liquid Cargo Terminal for handling of tanker of Edible Oils, Molasses and its derivatives in the name of FWQ Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited.


The group is also engaged in import of various goods including edible oil of all kinds, export of molasses, rice, warehousing, trading, shipping and representations. Sponsors Companies are also members of Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchange.


The Chairman of the group Mr. Muhammed Bashir Janmohammed is Commerce and Law graduate and Chartered Accountant.


Mr. Rasheed Janmohammed Chief Executive Officer is a Commerce graduate and Masters in Law.


The Westbury Group runs many social projects like 200 beds Kharadar General Hospital, Free Clinic at Port Qasim, Janmohammed Dawood Trust, Granting Scholarship and assisting various social and charitable projects.  


The group has a dedicated team of qualified executives in all enterprises.